Thursday, February 3, 2011

~ Year of The Rabbit ~

February 3, 2011 is the first day of the Chinese new year is CHINESE NEW YEAR.....hmmm tahun ni CNY jatuh pada thun arnab....ape KEISTIMEWAAN tahun arnab aku x brape nak tau la....tapi tadi pagi aku ade terbaca 1 artikel  dari  bf kesayangan ku, Mr. Google  mengenai CNY for this year...YEAR of THE RABBIT...hmmm

February 3rd is the Chinese New Year and according to the Chinese calendar, it is the year of rabbit. On the occasion of the Chinese New year 2011, Google Doodle includes a rabbit in it's symbol, to mark the Rabbit year 2011. According to Chinese tradition 2011 is the Xin-Mao year. Xin is the eight of the ten celestial stem and Mao means rabbit is the fourth of the twelve terrestrial branches. Thus, marking the year as the year of Rabbit or Hare.

Chinese New Year of rabbit is the symbol of affection, family ties, care and peace. According to them this year will celebrate all these qualities and there will be peace in the word and in relationships. The Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon of the first of the New Year and is practiced till 15 days, till the end of the full moon.

These fifteen days of Chinese New Year is celebrated with great fun and frolic in all parts of China. Three major things which mark the new year are masks, the colour red and dragon dance. During this Chinese festival, people wear masks to parties, made of cloth, paper, grass and leather.

The colour red is a symbol of their culture and it reflects Chinese believe in God, spirits of ancestors, good over the evil and animal spirits. The masks are also made in accordance to these traditions. One of the major customs among Chinese people on New Year is to tie the New Year wish to the wishing tree. This wishing tree is present in the Taoist White Cloud at Beijing. People visit the temple and make a wish with the believe that it will come true.

hmmm....Xin -Mao year...Gong Xi Fa Chai....

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